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Every Nuvamed product contains at least 500 mg of CBD.

Our extracts are formulated to have the highest bioavailability possible, which means faster results.


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  • Relief Roller amazed with how well it worked for pain

    Bryan R. Avatar
    Bryan R.

    Bundle Pack

    Gary G. Avatar
    Gary G.

    Regular Strength Oil All natural ingredients and works great.

    Kylie R. Avatar
    Kylie R.
  • Bundle Pack Great products. Customer service was the best! Highly recommend.

    Debra F. Avatar
    Debra F.

    Bundle Pack Simple quality CBD. The roller was easy to apply without any mess to joints and the tincture was clean and tasteless.

    Stephen S. Avatar
    Stephen S.

    Extra Strength Oil Dosing instructions on the box were easy to understand. It worked great.

    Sarah V. Avatar
    Sarah V.
  • Bundle Pack Great price for the bundle. Everything works great.

    John C. Avatar
    John C.

    Relief Roller Been using it for a few weeks and so far so good. It definitely helps relieve muscle soreness.

    Mark L. Avatar
    Mark L.

    Relief Roller Worked as promised! Menthol cooling helps instantly, and then the CBD kicks in and POOF – pain is gone.

    Sandra Y. Avatar
    Sandra Y.
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