It’s no secret that athletes from every sport, amateur to professional, love CBD and the benefits it provides. From UFC fighter Nate Diaz, to retired NHL player Ryan VandenBussche, to NFL player Rob Gronkowski, to NBA legend Paul Pierce, CBD has been essential in their healing and recovery during and after their athletic careers. 

And these are just the pros! There are countless other high profile athletes who advocate for CBD, but you might not be aware of how many “everyday” athletes do the same. Bodybuilders and marathon runners alike are praising the benefits of CBD for athletic recovery.

What’s the Hype?

So why exactly is CBD such a big deal amongst athletes? How does it help, and why is it better than its alternatives? Well, if you aren’t already familiar with the overall benefits of CBD, we suggest you read here to start. Afterwards, let’s look at why athletes in particular are so excited about CBD.

One of the biggest reasons the popularity and acceptance of CBD in sports and athletics has blown up into the mainstream, is because in the last few years (2018-now) CBD has been officially un-banned/legalized by both the World Anti-Doping Agency and the USA’s Controlled Substance Act. These moves have set the stage for hemp farmers to legally expand crops, new companies to develop CBD-infused products, and athletes to use these products without repercussions.

Regulatory acceptance is just part of the reason why CBD use is growing amongst athletes. More important than agencies and leagues allowing the compound, is the compound’s actual benefits. in other words, CBD usage is only now being allowed in response to the demand by athletes (and their fans). And why have athletes been increasing using and advocating for CBD? Simple, because it works and is superior to many alternatives.

Athletic Demands = Painkillers

Athletes are a different breed of people. They hold high explanations of performance and push their bodies to the limit. In professional sports this pressure is amplified by teammates, coaches, fans, and more. If you get injured, you’re expected to recover quickly and get back out there.

Yet for so long the answer to injury and pain has been age-old addiction forming medicine and drugs like codeine and oxy-opiates. These drugs are no doubt effective in reducing pain, but not without dangerous side-effects on the liver and brain.

Opiate derived painkillers like OxyContin and Codein often trigger post-treatment withdrawals for the drugs, leading individuals to seek prolonged Oxy use after a prescription runs out. This addiction can get expensive, at which point many turn to cheaper opiate alternatives, such as heroin.

Heroin is extremely dangerous and addictive, and hits close to home for the team at Nuvamed. We have lost family members and friends to the heroin and opioid epidemic. Other less addictive painkillers like tylenol still pose a health threat to the liver if taken in large amounts or while drinking. Research on CBD so far has not shown any addiction forming qualities or toxicity.

The New Alternative: CBD

CBD bridges the gap between safe, natural and effective treatment. A football player can ingest CBD to relieve general body pain and aches and get a good night’s rest. A basketball player can spread topical CBD on their knees to reduce inflammation. These practices, combined with traditional recovery methods like ice baths, massages, and stretching, makes for a much more natural and holistic experience than taking prescription pills.

Professional and non-professional athletics is one area where CBD usage is poised to grow the most. Given that there has been a relatively late mass-adoption amongst in this community (because of rules and regulations) combined with the relatively high need for pain treatment and recovery, the team at Nuvamed is truly excited about the proliferation of CBD in sports.

Thank you for reading! Knowledge is power, and learning is key to living a better life.

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