Myth-busting: CBD as a Study Aid?

With the pressure to perform academically more intense than ever, students are always searching for an extra edge when it comes to improving their performance. Unfortunately, these performance enhancers have traditionally come in the form of stimulant-type study aids that increase anxiety and stress.

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Can’t Sleep? CBD Could Help

We all love sleeping. There’s nothing better than hitting snooze on your alarm and getting 10 more minutes of sleep. We also all know that not sleeping well is bad. It makes us grumpy, irritable, and just not ourselves. Even worse – lack of.

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Top Reasons Why Your Cat or Dog Could Benefit from CBD

If you’ve heard the buzz about CBD and why people are using it, you might have also heard that pets can use it too. In this article we’ll explain if CBD is safe for your pet, and the top reasons why he or she.

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How is CBD made?

An overview of extraction methods. You may be wondering how the CBD in your oil tincture or Healing Balm gets there. It’s a great question, and surprisingly has a few very different answers. Below we’ll discuss the most common methods of CBD extraction, examine.

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4 Reasons to Try CBD: #1 – It’s FREE!

CBD is all the rage right now. It’s been one of the most trending and talked about dietary supplements in years – but for good reason. The benefits of CBD are vast and undeniable. But if you are still not sure about trying for.

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Why is CBD so popular? Does it really work?

Now that you know what CBD is (if not, read here) we’re going discuss the why. So why is CBD all the rage lately? Is it really a “miracle drug” like some are saying? Or is it just the newest gimmick? FDA In 2018,.

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