If you’re a teenager about to turn 18, or a parent of a young adult, you may be wondering about the age restrictions on CBD.

We know that alcohol and tobacco have federal age limits of 21+. Marijuana age requirements vary by state, and also depend on whether it’s considered medical or recreational.

So – what about CBD?

In the US, the age limit to buy or use CBD products can also vary.

But for hemp-derived CBD products such as CBD oil, and topical CBD cream, the answer is clear:

There is no minimum age requirement.

That means a parent can freely and safely administer CBD to their young child, and an 18 year old can purchase CBD online.


There’s one caveat to be keep in mind. If a CBD product is combined with (or derived from) marijuana – like most CBD products sold in dispensaries – then you must be 21+ to purchase.

Nuvamed products contain 100% hemp-derived CBD so they can be purchased and shipped to anyone 18+ in the United States.

However, beware of “hemp” products sold on sites such as Amazon.

Amazon does not allow the sale of CBD products on it’s site, so any hemp product you see is actually a compound sourced from hemp-seeds.

Hemp-seeds do not produce or contain cannabidiol. Only mature hemp plants contains the compound which can be extracted. Hemp-oil and hemp-based creams do not contain any CBD and thus offer none of the benefits of CBD.

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