With CBD becoming mainstream, more people are concerned about whether this “mystery drug” has the potential to be harmful. While research regarding its health benefits is still ongoing, studies about its potential danger are not. The World Health Organization confirms that CBD is “generally well tolerated by humans, and has a good safety profile”.

According to the CDC, there has never been a recorded death directly linked to any type of marijuana use.

Ongoing research indicates that CBD is an effective pain reliever and maybe a potential substitute for prescription opiates.  These opiates have a very high risk of overdose and are often habit forming.

We’ll explain exactly why you cannot overdose on CBD, and the potential impact that these facts could have on the medical industry.

It’s Not Addictive

Highly addictive drugs – like prescription opiates – release dopamine into our bloodstream. This gives a feeling of euphoria or “high” that can lead to a dependency on the drug. This dependency results in users taking higher and higher doses of the drug. Eventually this often leads to lethal doses, or deadly overdoses.

CBD, like marijuana, is not physically addictive. CBD does not create any kind of “high” to form a dependency over. Users do not crave CBD to the point of needing more and more, so there is little risk of abusing the substance.

It Doesn’t Affect Your Breathing

The primary reason that you cannot overdose on CBD is the location of the receptors affected by CBD. These receptors aren’t located in areas of the brainstem that affect our breathing or circulation.

Opiates like morphine do affect these areas, and can easily cause an overdose by slowing breathing to the point of respiratory failure. This is a common cause for overdose deaths. The drug itself may not kill you, but it can make your body’s organs shut down.

It’s Non-Toxic

Other pain relievers and anti-inflammatories – like NSAID’s – might not be addictive, but they still have risks. NSAID’s can be toxic to the liver and kidneys and are especially dangerous for people over 65. This is because the elderly have a higher likelihood of developing ailments that require these types of OTC pain relievers.

Research shows that CBD can be effective at treating inflammation and was rated as non-toxic by the world health organization who stated, “To date, there is no evidence of public health related problems associated with the use of pure CBD.” Learn more about how CBD is gaining popularity among those dealing with inflammation and arthritis.

Conclusion: Great News!

All of this is great news for anyone whose only option for effective pain relief are these potentially dangerous and addictive drugs. Forty-six people overdose on prescription opiates everyday. The overuse of these drugs has become a nationwide crisis. If CBD can help replace them, it would have an enormous positive impact on millions of people.

With no apparent risk of overdose or dependency, CBD has the potential to be a far superior treatment to these dangerous alternatives. The best part? You can buy completely safe and lab-tested CBD online and get it shipped free right to your door! Go ahead, shop now.

As research continues to confirm CBD’s medical benefits, the grip of the pharmaceutical industry gets less and less powerful. Hopefully this will signal to us, as a society, that moving away from artificial treatments and towards natural, holistic remedies is the answer.

Thank you for reading! Knowledge is power, and learning is key to living a better life.

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