When a tendon in your wrist becomes chronically inflamed from overwork, it causes Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. This swollen tendon compresses the median nerve running through your wrist, causing pain and discomfort. 

If you suffer from carpal tunnel, you know that managing the pain is an important part of your daily life. Recent studies show that topical CBD could help reduce this pain and discomfort. It’s anti-inflammatory and pain relieving qualities indicate that it has the potential to be effective.


Inflammation occurs when your immune system signals to your body to attack a specific area. When applied to the affected area, topical CBD works by regulating this signal. This can reduce the inflammation of the tendon and take the pressure off the median nerve. 

CBD is also a safer alternative over certain over-the-counter anti-inflammatory medication that can be harmful to your liver.

Pain Relief

In addition to reducing inflammation, topical CBD may also relieve the chronic pain of carpal tunnel itself. By regulating the pathways that your brain uses to monitor pain, CBD can reduce the amount you feel. It does this by making those pathways less sensitive, so the signals are less intense when they reach the brain. 

Studies show that CBD is non-addictive, and an ideal substitute for opiates and other addictive pain medication. 

Let Us Help

Nuvamed has two topical products. Our Natural Healing Balm is great for end-of-the-day pain relief from carpal tunnel. It’s potent and unscented so you get nothing but relief. Our Relief Roller is also a great option if don’t want to get you hands dirty. It also contains menthol for immediate and intense results. Experience a new type of relief from carpal tunnel today!

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