The list of issues that CBD seems to alleviate grows longer by the day. But what about helping you become a better singer? 

Research is extremely limited regarding the connection between CBD usage and singing ability, but there are some testimonials crediting CBD for helping with a variety of vocal issues. Also, studies do show it may reduce inflammation, so it could work to heal your vocal cords in the same way.

Growing interest

PitStop Musicians has worked with a variety of singers in Hollywood, ranging from raspy rock to smooth hop-hop.

They tell Nuvamed, “More and more often we hear the topic of CBD come up with singers who are trying to heal their voice.” They say especially in Los Angeles, music artists seem to have an awareness for anything that could boost vocal ability.

“Singers have told me that CBD oil works like a warm cup of honey-tea” they say, “soothing vocal chords and relaxing singing muscles.” As a result, the company has done more research on the benefits of CBD so they can be more informed if a vocalist asks about it. They assert, “CBD is definitely going to become commonplace among singers.”


In 2008, a man named Michael Hayes, from the Bay Area, claimed that CBD gave him the ability to speak again after losing his voice. He was diagnosed with adductor spasmodic dysphonia; spasms were inhibiting his vocal cords, causing them to slam together and stiffen, making it difficult for them to vibrate and thus, make sound. 

After some research he learned that CBD has antispasmodic properties. It worked! After trying a variety of products, he found that CBD oil relaxed his vocal cords and allowed them to function normally.

“My voice normalized,” he claimed. “My life is back.”


Anxiety can inhibit our speech in numerous ways; from stuttering, to feeling stage-fright. One of the most known affects of CBD is that it can reduce anxiety. if you’re a singer struggling with these issues, you might find that CBD allows you to feel and sing more freely.

Michelle Lee, Editor in Chief of Allure, tried CBD for her anxiety, and soon found herself feeling more relaxed than usual before a big keynote presentation she had to make. 

The calmer you are, the less likely you’ll feel choked up before a public address, or get that psychological “lump” in your throat. 

“[CBD] made me recognize that danger wasn’t lurking on the other side of that podium,” Michelle concluded. “Which was exactly what I needed.”

Stress and anxiousness can also cause vocal cord dysfunction (VCD). VCD has symptoms similar to asthma such as wheezing, shortness of breath, and tightness in the chest or throat. 

CBD may help relax the voice box and prevent it from tightening when you breathe, as it has been known to help cure suffering caused by VCD.

Voice change?

CBD effects different people in different ways. There have been reports that it can make a voice deeper, possibly because it relaxes the larynx and the body in such a way that the voice comes out calmer and smoother than usual for someone who may often be stressed or uptight. 

It has also been shown to generally improve mood for some people. You might discover that it leaves you in such a good mood that you’re humming and singing all day long.


Vocal chord inflammation inhibits your ability to sing and speak comfortably. CBD may help reduce inflammation. Therefore, CBD could help your singing voice!

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