We all love sleeping. There’s nothing better than hitting snooze on your alarm and getting 10 more minutes of sleep. We also all know that not sleeping well is bad. It makes us grumpy, irritable, and just not ourselves. Even worse – lack of sleep is unhealthy for our bodies and mental state. Yikes.

…just what we needed to hear to keep us laying awake in bed tonight.

And poor sleep doesn’t affect only us, it also indirectly affects everyone around us. Our children, parents, spouses, friends, coworkers, and more. They deserve to see you at your best, not when you’re running on just a few hours of sleep.

So… is CBD the cure?

No. Unfortunately there is no “cure” for such a complex issue. However, there is significant evidence to suggest CBD does indeed help promote better sleep. Here’s how:

CBD’s effects occur as a result of how the compound interacts and binds with various chemical receptors in the brain. It is processed by our endo-cannabinoid system receptors, serotonin receptors, vanilloid receptors and more.

It sounds complicated, and it is, but the important takeaway is that when CBD is done right, it’s a safe and natural compound with a variety of potential benefits. If you’re interested in learning more about the actual physiological process of CBD in our bodies and brains, read here.

How CBD Might Help Improve Sleep


Anxiety can be hard to diagnose. Most of us have dealt with anxiety at least a few times, while others feel anxious all the time without explanation. Feeling anxious, whether just one day or every day, makes it difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep. Even when you do sleep, you may wake up still feeling tired. To make matters worse, this lack of sleep can then cause further anxiety, resulting in an unhealthy cycle that is tough to break out of.

Numerous studies state that CBD has promising attributes as it relates to treating anxiety. Adding a CBD supplement to your daily life has the potential to promote calmness and reduce anxiety (a plus) and improve your sleep (double plus).


Stress is similar to anxiety, and each can be the cause and effect of the other. Like anxiety, stress can be harmful to your sleeping habits and vice versa. It’s nearly impossible to control the external causes of stress, like a job, traffic, money and more. We can only try to adjust how we deal with these stimulus.

Because anxiety and stress are similar in how they affect our brains, CBD has also been found to have stress relieving qualities. Daily users of CBD often report feeling more calm and less stressed. Not surprisingly, this newfound relaxation also results in better sleep.


Physical pain is one of the worst issues to be dealing with, period. This problem is compounded when it comes to sleeping. Whether it’s back pain from an accident, or chronic pain you’ve suffered from for years, pain makes getting great sleep hard. For many, the answer to this pain is medication, sometimes even strong pain killers. There may be a better solution for you.

Studies have found that CBD actually affects the brain’s response to pain. Other studies also show that CBD can be applied topically on a targeted area to reduce pain and inflammation. It should come as no surprise that your quality of sleep can dramatically improve if you treat the underlying issue of pain.

Pain management is an important issue that hits close to home for us. Part of our motivation in starting this company was in response to the ongoing opioid epidemic, which has sadly taken the lives of some of our own friends and family. We believe that these individuals could have had a different outcome with easy access to pain management CBD products, rather than resorting to addiction causing pain killers.

As you can see, CBD has vast benefits when it comes to naturally improving sleep quality. Sleep is a biological necessity – so you should aim to make it great. With less anxiety, stress and pain, you can achieve the amazing night’s sleep that you deserve.

Thank you for reading! Knowledge is power, and learning is key to living a better life.

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