It’s no secret that exercise is good for us. We all know that a regular exercise routine can allow us to live a longer and more active life. But what isn’t always clear, is how much longer?

A Little Bit Goes a Long Way

Multiple studies, including this one by Harvard professor, Dr. I-Min Lee, explain that just 20 minutes of moderate exercise per day is all it takes to add up to four years to your life.  Essentially, for every minute of moderate exercise, an average of seven minutes are added to your lifespan!

This is directly due to the effect that exercise has on our immune system, and the T-Cells it uses to fight off disease. These T-cells are essential for preventing serious health issues that can lower our lifespan, like cancer and heart disease. As we get older, our immune system can become weaker, producing less of these important T-cells. 

Fortunately, 20 minutes of moderate exercise is all it takes to counteract this decline, and bring production of T-cells back to a functional level. This strengthens the immune system as a whole, and makes it much more effective at preventing these dangerous issues – adding years to your life.

Interested in gaining those four years, but not sure where to start? The Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans suggests brisk walking, doubles tennis, ballroom dancing, and active forms of yoga. Each of these qualify as moderate exercise.

This proves that even a little exercise is a lot better than none (seven times better to be exact). So even if you’re not training for a marathon, just going for a brisk walk provides substantial benefits. You’ll be glad you did!

Thank you for reading! Knowledge is power, and learning is key to living a better life.

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