According to the arthritis foundation, there are over 50 million adults in the US living with diagnosed arthritis. Many more people are likely living in pain without even knowing the underlying cause.

It may surprise you to learn that older adults are not the only ones at risk – even young children and babies can suffer from arthritis, although the risk of development increases dramatically with age. Unfortunately these numbers are expected to increase, as there is no “cure” for the condition.

Who is at risk?

Arthritis pain can reveal itself in different forms, such as osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, but each essentially causes the same pain and discomfort. Women are at greater risk for both variations, in part because menopause symptoms can compound/trigger arthritis. With menopause, estrogen levels drop, which in turn causes bone density to decrease. Of course, menopause is not the only factor that can affects one’s likelihood to develop arthritis. Studies show that being overweight can also increase the wear and tear on joints susceptible to arthritis. 

So if you are man of average weight, are you safe? Unfortunately not. Arthritis can also develop as a result of injury, infection, general wear and tear of joints throughout life, and genetics. It might sound scary, but practically no one is immune to the risk developing arthritis at some point in life. Even man’s best friend (yes, dogs) can develop and suffer from arthritis pain. Learn more.

Are you experiencing chronic pain?

If you are suffering from chronic back pain, knee pain, hand pain, or other joint pain, you may be experiencing arthritis. Your first step should be to seek a medical evaluation to professionally diagnose your symptoms. There are specialists such as rheumatologists and orthopedists who are expertly trained in diagnosing and treating arthritis. 

Once properly diagnosed, you can consider your treatment options at the recommendation of your doctor. There may be an arthritis relief center in your area with specialists trained to help patients treat symptoms. Your doctor may also prescribe you lidocaine cream for pain relief.

What next? Diet and exercise!

It can be frustrating and downright depressing to deal with your arthritis symptoms. However, if you learn how to manage your pain, life will be much easier. In addition to seeking assistance from relief centers and taking doctors prescriptions, there are some other techniques to manage inflammation and pain from arthritis.

An easy place to start is by making changes to your diet. If you are overweight, aim to shed some pounds and “lighten the load”. You might find that your pain has subsided. Nuvamed has an article about the best low-impact workouts that are easy on your joints.

Research what foods to eat and which to avoid. Nuvamed has a comprehensive article about how to adjust your diet to improve your arthritis, which is a great place to start. Read our dieting tips here.

In addition to diet and exercise you can incorporate hot/cold therapy (heating pads, ice packs) to find what works best for you. Similarly, taking a cold bath or alternating between hot and cold water in the shower can help ease pain and inflammation naturally.

There are also alternative practices such as hydrotherapy and acupuncture that you could find beneficial. If you are seeking more traditional solutions, even regular stretching and light activities (like walking) can help ease your discomfort. Consider working with a personal trainer or physical therapist.

And CBD!

There is also a new and exciting wave of medication that is proving to be effective in treating arthritis pain: cannabidiol, or CBD. Studies have found that arthritis patients who used CBD reported dramatic relief from their symptoms.

The best part is CBD can be taken orally to deliver general pain relief, or applied as a cream directly to affected joints for targeted relief. To learn more about how CBD is changing the future of arthritis treatment, read more here. If you’re ready to experience the pain relieving benefits of CBD for yourself, click below to shop.

Thank you for reading! Knowledge is power, and learning is key to living a better life.

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