It’s hard not to like fireworks. Sure – the unexpected BOOM! can catch you off guard and make you jump, but when you’re anticipating the show fireworks are mesmerizing. For many people fireworks are a symbol of American independence. In our own national anthem the bombs are bursting in air. Every sporting event nowadays features some level of pyrotechnics.

Unfortunately not all of us can appreciate the patriotic beauty that fireworks offer. Some of us actually panic, run and hide when the bangs and flashes start.

Of course, we’re talking about dogs.

Here in Los Angeles, fireworks go off nearly every night in Summer. It can be fun to watch, but also difficult to deal with. If you have a dog (or any pet) that is sensitive to sudden loud noises, you may feel pretty helpless. (We know one of the bestest pups ever named Aiden who is afraid of snow plow noises!)

So what can you do? Asking your neighbors to stop the fireworks on the Nextdoor app probably won’t work. The good news is that you can help make your pet’s experience better.

You can help relax them, keep them calm and reduce their stress. These are issues we all deal with ourselves. And guess what!? Our pets can benefit from CBD just like we do!

CBD For Your Pet

If you still haven’t tried CBD with your pet, we strongly encourage you do so. If you’re pet is aging and dealing with pain or mobility problems, CBD can help. If your dog gets upset from fireworks, CBD can help. You might not know where to start but we’ll tell you!

Nuvamed’s CBD oil is 100% hemp-derived. That means there are no “high” effects from using it. Other CBD can contain THC which might make your dog act odd or loopy. Not Nuvamed CBD. Expect your dog to be mellow.

Nuvamed’s oil also uses Fractionated Coconut Oil as a base. This is essentially the same thing as MCT. More importantly, however, this base oil is light and purified so it won’t upset your pet’s tastebuds or stomach.

So how do you get your pet to consume CBD? It’s simple!

Step 1:

Using our Regular Strength Oil, open the bottle and fill the dropper about half full (or full for larger pets over 50 lbs)

Step 2:

Drop the oil into your pet’s canned/wet food

Step 3:

Stir the food thoroughly so the CBD oil is mixed in

Step 4:

Serve to your pet! They’ll chow down without noticing!

You should expect effects to be felt by your pet after 15-30 minutes. Your pet might seem lazy, tired or sluggish, but that’s ok! CBD has been shown to be non-toxic even in large quantities. Don’t be surprised if they sleep for longer than usual after taking CBD – great sleep is just another benefit!

If you’re wondering about CBD doggie treats, we have a fun and easy homemade recipe! Premade CBD doggie treats can contain junk ingredients that you don’t want your dog to eat, so Nuvamed recommends making DIY treats or simply using CBD oil instead. CLICK HERE for our yummy homemade CBD dog treat recipe!

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