Nuvamed’s Statement on Recent Issues and Racial Inequality

Just when the year couldn’t get more hectic, the murder of George Floyd while in police custody has shed light on the larger issues of racial inequalities and injustices in America. The Nuvamed team has yet to comment on these issues because we feel a.

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Stay Home Orders Are Loosening. Here’s How to Adjust to Our “New Normal”

It’s been a crazy couple of months. It seems like only weeks ago (yet also a lifetime ago) when we published our COVID-19 precaution guidelines. That was on February 27! Long before any talk of a mandatory nationwide quarantine. We hope that article helped.

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May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Here’s How to Get and Stay Mentally Healthy

May is National Mental Health Awareness Month (not to be confused with National Mental Health DAY in October). Nuvamed is proud to be supporting the cause by donating 10% of all May sales towards mental health related charities. We’re also happy to offer these.

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How to Stay Fit and Active During Quarantine

It was just over 30 days ago when we published our own COVID-19 safety advice blog, but so much has happened since. What a crazy month! Chances are you live in an area currently under a “Stay at Home” order. We hope you’re doing.

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New NFL CBA is Great News for CBD

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic wreaking global havoc and shutting down businesses and sporting events, the NFL Players Association just voted and approved their new Collective Bargaining Agreement. The new CBA passed in a narrow vote and will bring some major changes.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) is Spreading. Here’s How to Stay Healthy

Just a couple months in, and 2020 has already been a year to remember; unfortunately not for the best reasons. The world lost basketball legend Kobe Bryant in a shocking accident, coronavirus has killed thousands and is still spreading, and now the stock market.

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