Could CBD Help You Sing Better?

The list of issues that CBD seems to alleviate grows longer by the day. But what about helping you become a better singer?  Research is extremely limited regarding the connection between CBD usage and singing ability, but there are some testimonials crediting CBD for.

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In the Gym: Protein, Pre-workout, and… CBD?

If you’re one of the 23% of Americans who enjoy the benefits of regular exercise, you’re probably familiar with the practice of supplementing your fitness regimen with things like protein powder, creatine, and amino acids.  These supplements can be a safe way to mitigate.

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The Top 5 Golf Fitness Fundamentals Series by Mike McDonnell

Golf fitness coach Mike McDonnell (@coachmikemac) teamed up with Nuvamed to create the Top 5 Golf Fitness Fundamental series. These are quick and easy workouts you can do at home with no equipment. Whether you want to improve your golf game, or just get.

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Q&A with Golf Fitness Specialist Mike McDonnell: @CoachMikeMac

“It doesn’t get more important than recovery and injury prevention which is why I believe quality products like Nuvamed can help golfers and anyone that prioritizes their fitness and movement training.” – Coach Mike Meet Mike (@CoachMikeMac). He’s a fitness pro who specializes in.

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CBD’s Growing Acceptance (and Use) in Golf

“Golf is 95% mental and 35% psychological”.  – Chi Chi Rodriguez Chi-Chi’s math may have been a bit off, but he had a point. Success in golf – perhaps more than any other sport – relies primarily on maintaining mental clarity and focus. Considering.

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Alzheimers Prevention

If you ask people what medical ailment they fear the most, many will say that diseases which affect the mind – like Alzheimers – are top of the list. Alzheimer’s diminishes brain function, resulting in memory loss and difficulty accomplishing simple tasks, like recognizing.

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