CBD had it’s viral moment, and that time has passed. If you look at Google trends for the search term simply “CBD”, you will see that searches for CBD peaked in Spring and Summer 2019. Since then, searches have steadily dropped to about 60% of that all time high popularity.

However, even with that rise in fall in CBD’s popularity (according to Google trends) there are still many questions and misnomers about CBD amongst the average American.

For those who use CBD regularly, and even rely on it to get by, the answers to these questions are known. But for others still new to CBD (or still yet to try it), helpful and accurate answers are necessary in order for CBD to gain mainstream popularity and use.

That brings us to a common question among many first time CBD users:

Will CBD oil make me feel euphoric?

We have the answer. Maybe you’ve heard it before?


(Yup – we’re giving you that answer.)

But in all seriousness, it’s true. Let’s elaborate.

It’s generally accepted – and most relevant studies and anecdotal evidence suggest – that CBD oil alone does not produce euphoric effects. CBD’s “cannabis cousin” THC, on the other hand, typically does induce a euphoric high.

Despite this fact, other CBD users do report a euphoric sensation after user CBD oil. It’s possible that some of these instances can be explained by the fact that the user actually ingested THC – an unfortunately common mistake caused by mislabeled products.

But even people who use 100% THC-free hemp-derived CBD may experience what they consider euphoria.

That’s why “it depends.”

Merriam-Webster defines euphoria as “a feeling of well-being or elation”.

By the first half of that that definition, we would argue that CBD oil is euphoric in that it promotes well-being. But will CBD oil give you a feeling of elation?

That’s hard to say.

First of all, “euphoric” is a feeling – or rather, a sensation – which is highly subjective.

In other words, what feels euphoric to you might not feel euphoric to me.

In states where it’s legal, some adults enjoy the elated “high” of marijuana while others do not.

In addition, different people have different sensitivity levels to different substances. When it comes to CBD, a normal dose for a tall, experienced user would be a large dose for a smaller, less-experienced user. This would produce more intense effects more likely to be interpreted as euphoric.

It’s not quite accurate to say CBD oil causes euphoria. But it’s also hard to say outright that it does not.

Either way, a product claiming or labeling itself as being “euphoric” or even “non-euphoric” is doing a disservice to customers and the supplement industry as whole.

The only way to find it if CBD oil will make you feel euphoric is to find out for yourself.!

Which is why it’s important to consider not only CBD’s many beneficial effects, but also its lack of negative side-effects.

Why? It means you have little to risk by taking safe, certified, tested, and accurately labeled CBD oil.

Searching the internet for negative side-effects of CBD could mislead you in either direction: some people saying there are none and users saying there are many.

Here’s the facts:

Just like with the question of euphoria, whether or not you will feel negative side-effects from CBD depends. It’s different for everyone. More facts: anecdotal evidence suggests negative side-effects are rare.

Click here to read more in depth about possible negative side effects of CBD.

So, back to the question.

Will CBD oil make you feel euphoric?

The best answer is: try it for yourself and find out (after speaking to your health specialist, of course!) There is a good chance that you will find the experience enjoyable, relaxing, and yes, even maybe euphoric.

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