It’s been a crazy couple of months. It seems like only weeks ago (yet also a lifetime ago) when we published our COVID-19 precaution guidelines.

That was on February 27! Long before any talk of a mandatory nationwide quarantine.

We hope that article helped some of you realize the seriousness of the virus that was about to hit us, and allowed you to take the necessary steps to reduce your risk.

Now here we are approaching June. It feels like time has paused since late February.

No NBA, no NFL, no MLB, no Masters Tournament, no concerts, no socializing, no nothing. But these are merely the inconveniences faced by those of us fortunate enough to have remained healthy through this ordeal. Hundreds of thousands have died as a result of the virus, with many more affected.

Neverthessless, things appear to be improving. If you’re like us, we’re sure that you’re itching to get back out into the world and return to normal. The good news is that stay-home restrictions are loosening and more business are being allowed to reopen.

The “bad” news, however, is that we’re not nearly out of the woods yet.

We still have a long way to go until a true sense of normalcy is restored. The thing is: YOU have a role to play.

Read our tips below for how to adjust to the new normal and do your part to ensure this virus becomes only a memory in history.

Continue physical distancing

Distancing this, distancing that. We agree – the terminology became overwhelming and confusing during with so many different authorities giving guidance.

Here’s what you should do.

As restrictions loosen, keep up to date with what you can and cannot do (as allowed by law). It’s simple. Don’t do what you’re not supposed to do. When you are allowed to go out in public to certain businesses, or parks, or just to see friends, you should continue to PHYSICALLY distance yourself from others. That means, at the very least, to reduce your touching contact with others. No handshakes, no hugs, and certainly no kisses. If you are required to wear a mask you should follow those rules.

In short, even when we no longer have to SOCIALLY distance from one another, you should continue to practice physical distancing!

Continue washing your hands with soap

If you were the type of person who quickly rinsed your hands with a splash of water after a restroom trip, we really hope this situation has converted you into a true hand-washer. By washing your hands properly and frequently, you greatly reduce your chances of contracting COVID-19 (and all other viruses) and also reduce your chance of transmitting illness to others.

Get used to more hand-washing in our “new normal”.

Be patient

This is equally as important as the physical actions above. As we ease back into life as it was, try your best to be patient. Patient with your local politicians who are trying to serve the greater good. Patient with your fellow citizens who might’ve been directly impacted by COVID. This isn’t something to be rushed back into, or else we risk creating a resurgence of the virus.

Use these last few weeks of strict stay-home periods to reflect, if you havent already. If you’re reading this, you are alive and presumably healthy and should be grateful for that.

It’s ok if you continue to feel anxious or stressed. We’re here to help – with our products and educational resources. Read our blog for techniques you can try to de-stress and calm anxiety.

As always, our store is fully stocked and all orders have free delivery so you can get the benefits of Nuvamed CBD right to your door without worry!

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