The clean beauty movement has, thankfully, begun to make a break in the beauty industry over the last couple of years. This is powerful momentum, because unlike our food and drugs, our beauty products are completely unregulated and have almost zero guidelines in place by the government. 

Basically, this means that brands – just about any of the brands you can find at drug stores, and even high-end brands – can infuse their products with harmful chemicals, toxins and fillers with unpronounceable names. It doesn’t matter whether the product is $5 or $500 – many are essentially filled with the same kind of chemicals. 

The price tag you’re paying for L’oreal or Clinique or Dior is really just for the name of the brand. Mascara, foundation, face wash, lotion, deodorant and perfume can all be harmful for our bodies. This is worrisome considering these are our “staple” products that we use just about everyday. 

Many are filled with carcinogenic (cancer causing) chemicals, toxins and fillers. And we are exposing the largest organ in our body – our skin! Most of us are not aware of how harmful these products can be for our bodies; which affect our hormones and polluting our body with heavy metals like lead. 


While looking for new products to transition to, it is really important to look beyond just labeling. Many harmful products are labeled as “all natural” and tend to have an alluring green and beige label to make it look clean – while the ingredient list is long and unpronounceable. It is best to research “clean beauty” brands and read through their mission statements, values and product reviews to ensure they’re legit. 

If you’re at the store, read the ingredients on the back of every label if you can. Take your time to find new replacements. Know that some beauty products can be replaced with natural oils or essential oils. 

Better Alternatives

Coconut oil is great for pretty much everything. Jojoba oil, rose hips oil, also great choices. When making your transition into cleaner, safer beauty, look into Osea and Beautycounter. These are 2 of the leading brands in the clean beauty movement who vow to set their own high standards of what they allow in their products. 

Osea and Beautycounter are both grass roots movements that use truly natural ingredients as the base of their products, and are effective in doing so. As many consumers are wary of transitioning out of toxic beauty products, Osea and Beautycounter have tested and proven results in their makeup, skincare and bodycare. 

This makes it easier for us, as the consumer, to know that safer beauty is also effective beauty. While having a conversation with yourself about what harmful products you still use, please also be mindful of how this kind of transition not only helps your skin and body, but also the planet as a whole. Every choice we make that is better for our self is also a choice that is better for the environment. It’s a win-win. 

Thank you for reading! Knowledge is power, and learning is key to living a better life.

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